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If dispatching a large item, why not fill the space inside the pot with a smaller size of the same style or something different like a herb pot. Special prices for fillers making your delivery cost more effective.


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  1. Atlantis Easter Island Head

    Dimensions: 20cm Dia x 43cm High Weight: xx kg Colour: Verdis Gris
  2. Atlantis 2 handle Jar

    Dimensions: 35cm Dia x 52cm High Weight:xxkgs. Colour: Verdis Gris
  3. Tuscan Lawn Serpant

    Dimensions: 1mt 60 (3 pieces evenly spaced) x 54cm High at the head Weight: XXkgs Colour: Light Terracotta
  4. Atlantis Ball

    Dimensions 56cm Dia Weight xx Kgs Colour Burnt Green
  5. Tuscan 4 Pot Cluster Large

    Dimensions Cups 21cm Dia x 28cm High Weight xx Kgs Colour Light Terracotta
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5 Item(s)