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Rustic Tapered Square Medium


A medium sized tapered square pot with a top and bottom rim

Square Pot
Frost Protection:
100% Frost Proof

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Product FAQs

Yes! All our pots are garden pots and therefore have drainage holes (except the Giant Bonzai Dish). The bigger the pot, the more holes there will be.
All pot dimensions are external measurements and not necessarily the size of the opening at the top (depending on shape).
We don't know! We have a huge array of pots and we do not not weigh each one. Most of our pots are large and heavy hence why we use a palleted carrier for delivery.
The only safe way to transport heavy pots is on wrapped pallets. The delivery charge is totally dependant on where you are located and what we in turn are charged by the carrier company. We make a loss on pretty much all of our deliveries. We acknowledge that for some locations the prices are high, but we have no leeway on this at all.We do offer a collection service to those that would prefer to pick up their pots, but this is by prior arrangement only.
These are unprecedented times and with the lockdown our orders are up 800%. At the moment orders are taking about 7 working days. We thak you for your patience.

Important Information

World of Pots are continuing to trade on-line but our yard remains closed to visitors with no plans to re-open it. We are now allowing order collections as long as it has been pre-arranged. Deliveries are currently taking approximately 7 working days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.