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Do your pots come with drainage holes?

Yes! All our pots are garden pots and therefore have drainage holes (except the Giant Bonzai Dish). The bigger the pot, the more holes there will be.

How are you taking the measurements?

All pot dimensions are external measurements and not necessarily the size of the opening at the top (depending on shape).

How much does a certain pot weigh?

We don’t know! We have a huge array of pots and we do not weigh each one. Most of our pots are large and heavy hence why we use a palleted carrier for delivery.

Are your pots all frost proof?

The majority of the pots we sell are glazed in one form or another and are therefore 100% frost proof and you have complete peace of mind throughout the hard winter months. Without a glaze, our Tuscan / Terracotta range are porous and are therefore susceptible to very hard frosts.

With a few simple precautions you can easily protect Terracotta pots also. Please see our additional information on this – Looking After Terracotta Pots

The delivery charge seems expensive. Why?

The only safe way to transport heavy pots is on wrapped pallets. The delivery charge is totally dependant on where you are located and what we in turn are charged by the carrier company. We make a loss on pretty much all of our deliveries. We acknowledge that for some locations the prices are high, but we have no leeway on this at all.

We do offer a collection service to those that would prefer to pick up their pots and you can choose this option on checkout.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, please choose that option at checkout and then get in touch to arrange a suitable date / time. 

When can I expect delivery?

During peak times such as in Spring, orders can take up to 10  days.  Generally you can expect your order within a week. We will email as it is despatched. 

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